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The Appeal Court found that the Trial Judge erred by failing to instruct the jury that they had the option of acquitting the shooter if they determined that he had only had possession of the gun ‘for a moment’.  This is California saying “Fuck Trump” and whitewashing the MURDER of an American by an illegal […]

Good Luck London Breed!

December 12th, 2017

God Help San Francisco!  Lifetime Socialist Mayor Ed Lee is DEAD!   Croaked last night in the hospital. Now London Breed gets to run the city where people shit on the sidewalks.  (Hey Ed,…what are you telling Jesus this morning…?  If you meet Kate Steinle, – what will you say…?)

California’s Governor MoonBeam lives in an alternate universe,  – a world without borders – where people with money and corporations are heavily taxed to pay for illegals to come and go to college for free. When there isn’t enough money left over to fix dams or buy fleets of water tankers, – oh well – […]

45 Traitors In The US Senate

October 20th, 2015

The Democrats in the US Senate were damn-near in lockstep against the “Stop Sanctuary Cities Act“. They hate it so much they called it “The Donald Trump Act”;  – and today 95% of them – 45 members voted against Kate Steinley, – and FOR her murderer. Only the two Joes – Donnelly of Indiana and Manchin […]

We send a probe 3 b-i-l-l-i-o-n miles to take pictures of Pluto,  – but we can’t find and deport criminal illegals? WORSE!  While our “scientific community” is ecstatic today over photos of a mountain range 3,000,000,000 miles away – mountains that no human will e-v-e-r set foot on,  – the socialist city leaders of San […]

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez has just become the Willie Horton of 2015, – and deservedly so. San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Mayor Lee have become the Mike Dukakis of this election cycle. Kate Steinle’s blood hasn’t dried and San Francisco’s Mayor Edwin Mah Lee and the nation’s most inept and corrupt sheriff – Ross Mirkarimi,  […]

Jeb got his words confused in New Hampshire this week – in a printed interview.  It sure sucks when that happens. God knows how tough it is pretending you’ll be tough on illegal immigration when you’re on record supporting amnesty, – have a Mexican wife, – lived in Mexico, – and have stated you believe […]

The Faces Of Obama’s Illegal Killers… So what do you want to call it?  Lax enforcement?  Open Borders?  Amnesty?  Political correctness?  De-Whitening America?  National suicide? Obama’s refusal to deport criminal illegals is killing Americans!