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It took seven dead Marine Corps veterans to send Charlie Faker a wake-up call about how to be Governor.  Lawsuits to follow!!! He appointed Deval Patrick’s retread Erin Deveney to run the RMV back in 2015.  He gave her several tasks – and seems to have overloaded her.  Suddenly the sheer size of the problem […]

Flanked by his stone-faced arm-candy LtGov Polito,  Governor Charlie ‘Tall Deval’ Baker assumes the role of Police Union Spokesman – ordering cosmetic changes to the operations of the Mass State Police. It’s re-election year for Charlie,  – he doesn’t want to lose the votes of all the state and city union people across the Commonwealth, […]

Why Is Karyn Polito So Silent?

November 17th, 2016

Did Tall Deval send her home?   Back in the Duh-val Patrick administration LtGov Tiny Tim Murray became a non-person after his Nov 2011 early morning crash on Interstate 190. 18 months later he resigned. But Karyn Polito has been strangely silent during this 2016 presidential election year.   Charlie Baker – aka “Tall Deval” – has […]

A 7-year old boy – beaten and starved under the uncaring eyes of your DFC, – lies in a coma… And right now – so does your governorship!

A Scary Morning For Charlie Baker

December 11th, 2013

I’m guessing that even Charlie Baker was stunned by the poor showing of the GOP in yesterday’s Special General Election for Congress in the Mass 5th. Frank Addivinola ran a clean, positive, high-road campaign – which steered clear of the emotion-laden social issues.  He was creamed by Katherine Clark – who barely bothered to campaign, […]