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In the US Senate today – Democrats will gleefully write another sordid chapter in American History,  – where the Chinese-owned Democrat Party will open the second trial of President Trump. The Senate was planned to be the older, wiser, more mature and deliberative body of Congress;  – created by design to add balance to any […]

There is something terribly wrong with the NYC Congressman, – something way beyond his 100 pound weight loss (Laparoscopy) and the resulting disproportionality of his body parts. His brain is fixated on his decades-long hatred of our President. As Shifty Schiff’s Kangaroo Court has concluded, – Squatty-Body Nadler gets his turn to operate his own […]

The dastardly crime:   With malice of forethought the defendants mounted a TRUMP FLAG to a DEADLY PICKUP TRUCK – and drove through campus! Muffy sent a trained investigator (Hillary supporter) to gather facts, rumors, and hurt feelings…