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What is wrong inside this man’s head?   We’re posting this video from a week ago – because somebody finally listened to it and noted how Joe’s speech has gotten worse. “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize truaninonashufodopressure” 

Poor Girl!  Imagine the inner fear and loathing churning inside this California liberal elitist,  – having to actually land in Fly-Over Country – – smile,  – and ask those ignorant rubes living there for votes…  She doesn’t understand that if all the towns and cities in the Rust Belt look the same,  – it’s because […]

This isn’t too far from the truth.  VIDEO: 

BLM has been warning white people that they’re coming out to the suburbs,  and last night they made good on their threat. Civilized people must understand that when a mob gets this out of control,  nothing you SAY can turn them away.   When they come,  you better be ARMED,  – and have a goodly supply […]

90-minute video:  

Policy?  Issues?  Forgetaboutit!!   It was a day of photo-ops! She spoke for 19 minutes at Shaw University – played the RACE CARD,  – then walked off without taking questions…. 2 videos: 

Freudian slip Hell!   She was telegraphing her radical followers.  You Democrats have just 49 days to read and understand the 25th Amendment – Section 4. Does she plan to let him ‘serve’ through Valentine’s Day?

He’s a great photographer,  – worked for the NBA for 30 years, – covering the Houston Rockets, – but one little honest tweet just got Bill Baptist fired. Sheryl Swoops at Texas Tech took exception,  – called it “sexist”.   Sheryl had been fired herself from coaching at Loyola in 2016,  – after half her players […]

In this modern era – there is always a video record. Did Biden’s handlers see this clip when they were vetting her?   Makes us wonder if Willie Brown has any old home movies….

One less political whore going to Iowa and New Hampshire. Bill Clinton’s squeeze Kirsten Gillibrand will welcome her back to the US Senate Floor.  Greg Gutfeld calls her a “Big Jerk”: video