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Liberals are always trying to save something – the Whooping Crane, – the Snail Darter, – the Polar Bears, – the Planet…., and of course Black Criminals.  Since the death of George Floyd (career thug and heavy drug user) they’ve convinced themselves that the ancient practice of BAIL – is a ‘racist institution’.  So Kamala […]

Will He Take Us Down With Him?

August 28th, 2021

If you think things are bad now,  – just wait until Willie Brown’s mistress is sworn in….   AMMO UP Folks!  Be ready!

They are in DC because they don’t want to vote on the Texas voter reform bill that will make it easier to vote,  – but harder to cheat.   Kamala is there because China Joe needs a life insurance policy (like he was for Obama).

Democrats are happy.  They ~ think ~ Biden will finish Obama’s work and reverse all of Trump’s good deeds and patriotic ideas.  They ~ think ~ we’re headed to World Government….

China Joe was napping back home on the Beach in Delaware… We can almost see Mike Pompeo shaking his head! 

This sleazy bitch’s need to be seen saying something….stretched her limited supply of patriotism and her scant knowledge of History – well beyond the breaking point.

She is certain she’s way smarter and more hip than Hillary,  – AND only months (maybe weeks?) from becoming pResident.  The head-bobbing whore was giving the Commencement Speech at the Naval Academy….   You be the judge.  Appropriate?  Worthy?