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Chris ignored the ‘no jokes’ warning and bitch-slapped Smollett. This may be more justice than Smollett will get from our court system, – a lifetime of mockery, – and totally deserved!

Chicago drops the hoax charges!   Unclear if the Feds will drop their mail-fraud charges too…. Guess it helps to be a ‘celebrity’…?  And have Michelle Obama ask for the FBI (the Obama FBI) to look at the case…?

He tried to create an ‘incident’ of Right-Wing Trump supporters acting like Klansmen.  Now his hate-inspired FRAUD has destroyed his career.  Beyond sad.

Just imagine – if the Chicago Cops had fully believed him,  – and grabbed a couple of White kids…in the neighborhood…and they went on trial…. Would this sick gay attention-craving liar have ever come forward with the TRUTH? Once again a Black man has managed to push race relations backwards,  – for his own selfish […]