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The Australian troublemaker recently compared himself to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower…. CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls him out – as a narcissist,  backed by Russia.  Eight minutes of the bluntest talk you’ve ever heard…

Trump is pulling out the stops,  Julian Assange says he’s about to release a trove of her emails [gee, how’d he get them?],  and Bryan Pagliano just “Took the Fifth” – 125 times…. She may have a war chest full of Arab money,  but drip-by-drip all her treasons are coming home to roost…. Trump’s attack […]

In under two years Barack Hussein Obama Jr has completed one of his lifetime quests.  He has reduced the once-respected, powerful and free-world leading United States to a pathetic laughing stock.  Ironically, he didn’t have to actually do anything.  He just sat by and let the events unfold.   Julian Assange and WiliLeaks is dumping […]

If Only OBummer Had Some Hair

August 15th, 2010

Hillary ran an ad in 2008 about  the 3 AM phone call.  Obama is ignoring the ringing.  He isn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  Despite all those times he’s used troops for photo-ops, despite playing hoop in front of wounded warriors,  despite wearing a Marine t-shirt during the campaign,  OBummer is proving right now that he […]

FLASHBACK:  Sunday, June 13, 1971:  The NY Times [who else?] publishes the first of 15 excerpts and summaries of the “Pentagon Papers”. These were some 7000 secretly copied Above-Top-Secret analysis of America’s military decision-making and military policy during the Vietnam War.  The trusted guy who turned them over was former US Marine lieutenant and trusted […]