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The Commonwealth has been obsessed with skin color ratios for at least 4 decades.  Color MATTERED!  Credentials, competence,  and character?   Not so much… The incompetence,  the cover-up,  and the lying UNDER OATH went on for years before questions were asked,  and lab chemist Dookhan resigned,  – lied to investigators,  – and eventually served just 2½ […]

It was a circus of the incompetent:  Deval Patrick,  JudyAnn Bigby,  MaryBeth Heffernan,   Annie Dookhan,…all unvetted AA/EEO hires….to include our First Black Governor! How badly did our former governor hate white people?

Governor Duh-val Patrick now shares Obama’s WEBSITE WOES! And he’s got the SAME SOLUTION…. 

When MoonBats Clash…

June 4th, 2013

I NEVER thought I’d become a Suzanne Bump fan,…but I sort’a have. It seems our Gov’nr Duh-val Patrick is still clinging to his belief that whatever fraud or abuse lurks in the EBT card system is ‘leakage’, or ‘anecdotal‘, – and that ‘we shouldn’t be beating up on poor people’. But State Auditor Suzanne Bump’s […]

Humbly and gratefully RRB accepts partial credit! Folks, these firings have been long overdue.  Hey Gov, clean out ALL of Heffernan’s hacks!   Watch ’em go file for disability!

Any doubt that Duh-Val is cut from different cloth than oBummer is hereby removed! Most of you don’t know about Captain Thomas G. Kelley, USN(Ret) MoH.  You didn’t need to because you didn’t need his help.  But many Massachusetts veterans did, and the 71 year old Medal of Honor recipient always came through.  Just like […]