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There are strict laws against money changing hands in government buildings,  – but the Democrat Party has never been known to respect them.  Why bother when your people run the Justice Department and the FBI…and the Courts? There was Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee – House Member from Houston – paying off Christine Ford’s attorney […]

The Left’s objective goes WAY past Kavanaugh;  – they want to be sure NO Conservative Judge ever again allows him/herself to be nominated,  – for fear of having their families to go through the same crap. Brett Kavanaugh came storming back this afternoon – filled with righteous anger at how the Senate Democrats have ignored […]

Ted Cruz Mobbed At DC Restaurant

September 25th, 2018

The George Soros Socialist Soldiers descended as a flash mob on Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi eating dinner at the Italian restaurant Fiola on Pennsylvania Avenue last night.  They began shouting “We believe survivors!” This is manufactured hatred – likely paid-for demonstrators,  – who could only hope for a judge as fair as […]

ANY Willing Woman They Can Find?

September 23rd, 2018

The sheer desperation of the pro-abortion Democrats is showing!  They’ve dug up another woman – a Hispanic with a lurid tale of a drunken party at Yale,  – and a fake penis hung before her face. Too bad her friends debunk her claim.  Not to worry,  – the sleazy lawyer representing porn star/ prostitute Stormy […]

Little JPK III – Democrat Congressman from the MA 4th CD,  – is desperate to be taken as a serious future president.  Thus without thinking – he routinely lets his MOUTH overload his ASS. Somebody handed him some statics on rape (the Democrats are now contending that Kavanaugh “RAPED” Christine Blasey back in high school), […]

What happens when you let your mouth and your left-wing political passions overload the TRUTH? Dianne Feinstein has flung a snake on the table,  – but this snake seems to want to slither away.