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The new more liberal Fox News chose to condemn Pirro’s remarks,  – so we have posted them so you can decide. Was the Judge speaking in Islamophobic terms,  – or just pointing out the stark contradictions between our Constitutional Law and Islamic Sharia Law…?

It’s another football Sunday,  – so there’s bound to be more anti-American stupidity by multi-millionaires on the nation’s gridirons today.  The Judge has words for the stupid people! I say that if NFL players want to take a knee,  – let them go do it at a VA hospital or at a national cemetery – […]

“Take that pen,…and approve the Keystone Pipeline!” [You can stop watching at 8 min 30 sec when Scott RiNO Brown comes on.]

As she rips the Obama Cartel liars, – I keep wondering how she refrains from using the words I so commonly use…  Guess her mom raised a lady… Do you think she’d make a great vice president?