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Chevy Chase Eddie – aka The Ice Cream Man’s entire political career is a testament to the mindless indifference of MassHole Democrats. Up for re-election in 2020 – already he has two announced challengers, –  with Woody Woodpecker waiting just off stage.

George Soros strikes AGAIN! It begins to look like the Moroccan Muslim – Ihssane Leckey’s challenge to Woody Woodpecker has him pecking on a different tree – that of Chevy Chase Eddie – the Ice Cream Man. If Woody wasn’t willing to face off against the woman who helped Ayanna Pressley toss Bloody Mike Capuano […]

So ironic – a junior member of the Kennedy Crime Cartel pontificating on how Trump “obstructed justice”. He’s in his 4th Term,  – with NOTHING to show for it;  – other than his paycheck. video

My God Joe,  – WHAT did you do to look so vulnerable?  Better question: what have you DONE? It seems like she may have been recruited to come to Boston to test how much weight the Kennedy name still has here….

Pelosi probably thinks it’s a brilliant move – pick the cute young scion of the Kennedy Crime Cartel to deliver the Democrat’s anti-Trump rebuttal to the SOTU. Hypocrisy much?  Kennedy’s stock portfolio just got 40% fatter since Trump was elected,  – and he’s going to bitch to us about “Russian Collusion”, Killing ISIS, DACA, and […]

Like lemmings,  – or moths to the flame,  – they came to Newton South High to listen to yet another Kennedy bamboozle them for future votes.   They’re MoonBats,  – they’ve been doing it for generations;  – they know no other way of thinking. And young JPK III was in full “Rock Star mode”;  – he […]

Another Frightening Picture

September 5th, 2013

Totally unable to claim any success with the American Economy, a desperate Obama calls on America’s walking Viagra Commercial for rescue. The White House Cartel that claims Republicans have a ‘War on Women’ will ‘honor’ a serial rapist and womanizer – former President Bill Clinton – and listen in rapture as he tells them why […]

What is it with this clan of over-privileged over-consumers? They’re like the Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohans, and the Kardashians of politics – they keep getting their pictures and names in the news. Now one of Bobby’s twin grandsons – 31 year old Middlesex Asst DA Joseph P. Kennedy III is forming an ‘exploratory committee’ to […]