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Pelosi probably thinks it’s a brilliant move – pick the cute young scion of the Kennedy Crime Cartel to deliver the Democrat’s anti-Trump rebuttal to the SOTU. Hypocrisy much?  Kennedy’s stock portfolio just got 40% fatter since Trump was elected,  – and he’s going to bitch to us about “Russian Collusion”, Killing ISIS, DACA, and […]

Like lemmings,  – or moths to the flame,  – they came to Newton South High to listen to yet another Kennedy bamboozle them for future votes.   They’re MoonBats,  – they’ve been doing it for generations;  – they know no other way of thinking. And young JPK III was in full “Rock Star mode”;  – he […]

Another Frightening Picture

September 5th, 2013

Totally unable to claim any success with the American Economy, a desperate Obama calls on America’s walking Viagra Commercial for rescue. The White House Cartel that claims Republicans have a ‘War on Women’ will ‘honor’ a serial rapist and womanizer – former President Bill Clinton – and listen in rapture as he tells them why […]

What is it with this clan of over-privileged over-consumers? They’re like the Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohans, and the Kardashians of politics – they keep getting their pictures and names in the news. Now one of Bobby’s twin grandsons – 31 year old Middlesex Asst DA Joseph P. Kennedy III is forming an ‘exploratory committee’ to […]