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If she was expecting a welcoming moderator and a friendly audience, both Jorge Ramos and Bernie Sanders had ugly surprises for her… Video clips and full video below the fold:

Hillary Baits Hispanic Voters

January 12th, 2016

It was Democratic race-baiting in it’s most refined and subtlest form,  and it gave Hillary a chance to change her position on deportations before a sympathetic audience. Of course she knew the questions in advance!  Fusion moderator Jorge Ramos’s daughter works on Hillary’s campaign….  Remember, the American ‘media’ has morphed into the propaganda arm of […]

The self-funded non-politician doesn’t need to curry favor or walk the media tightropes, catering to their agenda issues. It has them baffled, befuddled and pissed. Together with the Dems and RiNOs, – they’re out to ‘get him’ – at all costs!