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One Seth Rich Murder Theory

July 11th, 2018

The attached video is just under 6 minutes.  It is both fact and conjecture,  – but pretty damned good conjecture,  – and at RRB we suspect much will be proven before 2020,  – maybe even this summer…. Timing and PROOF is everything….

There is a new player in the ongoing DNC E-Mail scandal – a mysterious computer wizard going by the name “The Forensicator”. In a report summary available on The Gateway Pundit,  this wizard says the DNC server WAS NOT HACKED REMOTELY;  – that due to the massive volume of data stolen – IT HAD TO […]

$100,000 Reward!

May 30th, 2017

OAN offers $100 Grand Reward for info leading to the solving of Seth Rich’s murder! 27 min video below the fold – covers all the “coincidences” of the case,  – which all point back to Hillary and John Podesta. 

It seems that for a full year at least – the Democrats both in Hillary’s camp and the Obama Cartel were desperately trying to link Trump to Russians – to Putin himself if possible….   And they recklessly broke the law in their failed attempt. Meanwhile,…buried in old headlines – i.e. totally forgotten by our left-wing […]

Beyond classless,  – with Trump at 254 electoral votes,  – awaiting the call of three states,  Hillary sends Podesta at 2 AM – to send her faithful partiers home for the night. The implication is that by not making a concession speech,  she is not accepting the outcome of today’s vote. As the state totals came […]

As the unflattering and disrespectful emails keep surfacing, we at RRB have to wonder, – is Hillary a dynamic and respected political leader, – or just the figurehead of the wider progressive movement. Brutal email below the fold – Podesta says she smells.

Who is Podesta?   67-year old lifelong left-wing dirty player slickie boy – who has always backed the worst Democrats, – Tom Daschle, Bill Clinton and Obama.   Now he runs Hillary’s campaign….and if she wins,  he’ll again hold high office. You KNOW Podesta hates O’Keefe almost as much as Hillary does!  As for Christina Gupana – […]

More Clinton Campaign Lawbreaking

September 10th, 2015

James O’Keefe strikes again, this time in Las Vegas – catches two big fish in his net. By now I’m tempted to ask: “Is there ANY law these Socialists won’t break – on a routine basis?”

I Feel So Much Better,…NOT!

January 17th, 2014

The only comfort I received today was watching Obama look twitchy and uncomfortable – as once again he lied through his teeth at us. He’s going to appoint a long-time big-government Clintonista,  John Podesta, to “…lead a comprehensive review of big data and privacy”.    Yeah, that should work.  Podesta is the guy who just compared […]

The REAL Gabriel Gomez: REVEALED!

December 22nd, 2013

Former “Navy SEAL” calls Conservative Republicans  “Klan”, – the SAME language used by Obama’s new advisor John Podesta and grotesque Florida Democrat Alan Grayson. We knew that 2014 would be ugly.  Grayson,  Podesta, and now Gomez have taken a head start. Gomez – who ran for the US Senate as a ‘Republican’ – has now […]