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“He violated the public trust, – he failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena, – documents were destroyed on his watch,… – and the public was consistently misled.” Resolution to Impeach introduced by one of America’s young heroes – Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

30,000 ‘lost’ Emails suddenly ‘found’.   Lois Lerner was a busy girl. Stripped of his HARRY REID SHIELD, Obama might be connected DIRECTLY to IRS targeting – of individuals and TEA Party groups. Funny, they eventually put Al Capone away for tax fraud. Maybe tax issues will do in Obama?

Next Friday, July 11th – they’re due back in Federal Court to tell Judge Reggie Walton why a team of outside internet experts shouldn’t be sent in to really look for Lois Lerner’s ‘missing’ e-mails. Judge Walton was first appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, – so I can’t wait for Obama or Elijah […]

Brazen, rude, unapologetic, – they act as if their signed pResidential pardons were already in their pockets. The list of Lois Lerner’s sins grows – item-by-item, – despite her destroying her hard drive to cover her tracks.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is totally unapologetic. I just wish Ryan was as fierce about our Southern Border…