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All Hail America’s 1st [openly] Bi-Sexual Governor! Jim McGreevey, you don’t count; – you were in the closet.  Oregon, – you sure can pick ’em!

Well, actually his “First Lady” is just his girlfriend, ~ maybe…  After today’s bombshell, ~ maybe not… Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been sporting some delicious arm candy lately – one each Ms. Cylvia Hayes – a twice-divorced consultant. WAIT A MINUTE!!    That’s thrice-divorced!!!  

Thuggery in Oregon

September 25th, 2010

Former 2-term Oregon Democratic Governor [1995–03] Doctor John Kitzhaber wants his old job again.  Some of his supporters resort to public thuggery to help him.  What are his supporters trying to hide?  Watch as third world tactics are applied inside a church in Portland Oregon.  Could this happen where you live?