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You thought they hate Trump because of his personality,  – his bigger-than-life style,  – his personal branding? Nah!   What they hate is his non-conforming anti-globalist vision of America First! Ohio’s nerdy governor John Kasich is a perfect example.  He’s at a much different ‘Republican Convention’ in Cleveland this week.

Some people just can’t take “NO!” for an answer…. Keep a list of all the so-called ‘Republicans’ who are avoiding Cleveland this week,… Romney, Walker, the Bushes, Charlie Baker, Kasich, McCain, Flake, Sasse, et al,….

BTW John,…remember back in the day…when you voted FOR Clinton’s ‘Assault Weapons Ban’…?

Is Soros paying for this desperate Stop Trump attempt? Cruz will have a ‘clear path‘ in Indiana,  – while Kasich gets a ‘clear path‘ in Oregon and New Mexico…. Can either of them see they’re being used by Soros and the GOP insider traitors….? One thing a long primary process WILL DO….is bring out the […]

John Kasich Is Getting Testy

April 18th, 2016

Campaigning on George Soros’ money,  – and with only one win to show for it,  – seems to be dragging down the Ohio Governor’s spirits…. So when Financial Times reporter Demetri Secastopulo asked a question,  Kasich snapped,  – grabbed his recorder,  – and got very snippy. Short video below the fold:

Mitt spent last week campaigning with Kasich in Ohio,…and he must have totally fooled him…. Imagine how stunned Kasich must have felt today when Romney announced he’s voting for Ted Cruz in the Utah Caucuses…. Yeah John,  that’s Romney’s dagger sticking out of your back. #NeverTrustMitt

If pro-amnesty ‘Favorite Son’ Governor John Kasich thinks he has a victory under his belt,  – he is delusional.  He is now a wholly-owned toady of the Big $$$ GOP Establishment,  – which now includes George Soros.  He’s become just a trading commodity at the GOP convention…. Did you ever think you’d live to see the day […]

Kasich now promises Executive Amnesty in his First 100 Days! Remember,… Mitt’s daddy was born in Mexico… And NOW we learn that Kasich took $588,375 from George Soros….WTF?

…why is Ohio’s Republican Ballot so SCREWED UP? Ohio is long known for Voting Day Irregularities; – scores of lawyers are often brought in for the General Election Day….

The betrayals and back-stabbings never seem to end….William ‘RiNO’ Weld, – who endorsed Obama in ’08, – endorses John Kasich – “. …a born executive”… At RRB we’re surprised he didn’t endorse Bernie…         POS!