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Thomas Massie, represents Kentucky’s 4th CD – Northern Kentucky.  He holds a BS EE and an MS ME from MIT – a real scientist.  By contrast,  Lurch has a BA in Political Science from Yale and a JD from BC Law. Watch as Americas biggest lifelong traitor – and now self-proclaimed climate change expert – […]

Has the supermarket tabloid just done the heavy lifting for the “Mainstream Media”?  Those Family Values Utah voters are going to be very pissed if even part of this proves true…. Only Bill Clinton and John Kerry could survive headlines like these…

God Help Our US Military!

November 13th, 2012

Obama is considering Lurch for SecDEF?  WTF?!?! It makes perfect sense when you understand that Obama’s mission is to weaken our country economically, morally, and militarily – to the point that we are no stronger or more powerful than any Third World nation.  Lurch is perfect for this task!

John Edwards:  Former trial lawyer, loving husband and father, former Democratic US Senator, Democratic Vice Presidential running mate, Democratic Presidential Candidate, lover, financial wizard, paternity denier, grieving widower, paternity admitter, federal defendant. John, what do you tell your kids? And let us not forget the contributions of Senator John Kerry, aka ‘Lurch‘!

Spinning The Lame Duck

September 3rd, 2011

An agonizing dilemma faces Democrats as 2012 looms. With just 14 short months until Election Day, their Messiah looks ever more lame, inept, unfocused, and irrelevant every day. Democratic insiders and spinmeisters are agonizing over how to portray the tale of this past 2½ years in a way which can recapture the rapture of 2008. Even they […]