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Detroit Poverty Pimp Dead At 90

October 27th, 2019

The Congresswoman from San Francisco is so old and so infirm she can barely get through a press conference.   Is this the best Democrats can do? She finally flings John Conyers under the bus (12:20),  but frankly the Democrats should vote her into some sort of ‘Senior Status’,  – and find someone more in touch […]

The party founded on preserving Black Slavery is coming unglued over the sexual misbehavior of a Black Congressman;  – one they all tolerated for years, – and over their Leader’s defense of him. Rep. Kathleen Rice – in only her 2nd term – shows courage by calling out her doddering Botox-stuffed minority leader for her […]

She counted.  He’s 408 signatures short!  He only needed 1,000? 84 years old, in Congress since 1965 – re-elected 23 times, looks like he took the 1,000 signature requirement very casually this time.  Maybe having a wife in prison clouded his judgment? No matter, Wayne County Clerk Kathy Garrett did her job, John is looking […]

The ‘Gang of Six‘ – über-liberal progressives [aka Communists] propose even broader more-sweeping tax plans – on YOU! By now you know the pattern; Obama talks – but NEVER sends a bill to Congress.  He lets willing useful idiots do his hard work and heavy lifting.

Detroit Can’t Read!

May 5th, 2011

47% [about200,000] of Detroit’s residents are ‘functionally illiterate‘. They can’t read a want ad, fill out a job application, read a newspaper, – or a ballot. Wow! How’d that happen?

Congressman Conyers Reads Porn

November 24th, 2010

John Conyers Speaks Socialism

October 18th, 2010

In 2008 I held a sign saying “No Socialism/NoBama” it sparked outrage in left-wing voters in Massachusetts.  “Oh how can you say that?  Democrats aren’t socialists!  Obama’s not a socialist.  That’s terrible!”  Yeah?  Listen to powerful Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers [yes, the one who’s wife is serving time in federal prison] talk to a […]