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We haven’t missed him these past 18 month;  – he was so ineffective we hardly knew he was gone. Seems he needs attention in his retirement – so like any Democrat or RiNO, – he blasts Trump! The Propaganda Ministry has gleefully seized upon his words!  He knew they would!

Boehner is in the Baby Body-Part Business!  Talk about ‘Degrees of Separation’,  – there are NONE! Speaker Boehner’s congressional assistant [on our payroll] for all things medical – like ObamaCare and Abortion – is Charlotte Spears Ivancic.  Her little lesbian sister Cate Dyer founded and runs StemExpress LLC which buys and sells baby body parts […]

A Republican vs RiNO fight is on in the House of Representatives. Rep Mark Meadows – a 2-term Congressman from Western North Carolina is leading a revolt against Speaker Boehner.  He just filed an almost unheard of Motion to Vacate the Chair!  That take real guts!

America ~ may ~ have just dodged a bullet! House Speaker John Boehner – who had been sounding like a Girl Scout S’more – has suddenly backed off his plan to go along with Obama’s blanket amnesty scheme. Personally, I’ve wondered if Obama was blackmailing both Boehner and Ryan….

House Speaker Boehner MUST GO!

September 3rd, 2013

Unforgivable gutless cave-in and betrayal!  Must have been blackmailed like John Roberts!  Breaking: Speaker Boehner will back Obama’s bombing of Syria – ignores his role in upholding our Constitution. Ohio 8th District needs a real Republican candidate – one that can’t be blackmailed or bought – TODAY!  Hey Mister Speaker – what’s Obama got on […]

PreZerO looked very orange tonight – maybe just bad make-up? Offered no positive suggestions.  Speech filled with gross exaggerations.   Accepted NO BLAME for the stalemate.    Still vilifying the rich ‘jet owners’. Offered no compromise – wants the deal on his terms. Calls Republican lawmakers ‘reckless and irresponsible‘   Obviously thinks he is King or […]

The work of the TEA Parties has just been rewarded!   House Speaker John Boehner hung tough, and by the 11th Hour – Dirty Harry Reid and pResident oBummer blinked.   oBummer went on TV at 11 PM EDST tonight looking like DEATH warmed over.  He spouted the usual string of meaningless platitudes.  Then he stalked off […]