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Verizon Unions’ Lost Gamble

August 21st, 2011

A classic case of 1950s thinking in a wireless world. Two weeks of stupidity on display for all to view. Tomorrow, Monday August 21st, striking Verizon employes – members of the CWA and the IBEW [two hard-core unions from the last century] will return to work without a contract.  It is important to understand what […]

When you’ve lost the Black Queen of Socialism – you’ve REALLY lost support!  Happy vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Barack!

But he’s going to WAIT until after his bus tour and after his vacation to tell us about it? Or is he just waiting for George Soros to tell him what the plan is? Overall unemployment remains high – 9.1% or worse. Black unemployment remains at 15.9%; 11.3% for Hispanics.  Our national credit rating has […]