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While the Impeachment Party spends their time trying to hogtie Trump, – his policies have Americans working again – in record numbers. The Chinese – like most Americans – are totally unused to having an AMERICAN President.  Certainly our left-wing media sellouts can’t figure out why we Americans support Trump!

Numbers They Tried To Bury!

April 4th, 2019

You know the Media will downplay this story!  

Trump’s triumphant return to Grand Rapids! 90 minutes of Trump at his best – with Americans who get it! Video below the fold:

Girl POWER!  She took on America’s richest man – in the midst of his difficult and expensive divorce,  – and somehow she expected him to go along with her bullshit? Perhaps when she becomes El Presidenté of the Socialist States of America she can ORDER Amazon to put their facilities where she wants them…?

Now 10 comfortable months into Trump’s first term,  – it’s worth looking back at the arrogant asshole we endured for 8 horrible years. 50 second video to give you a little historical perspective.

We’ve been draining jobs overseas,  while growing government.   Trump is right – it cannot continue. No-clue Democrats always reply:  “The Government can always print more money”.

Bishop Wayne Jackson invited Trump to speak at his church the Great Faith Ministries. He was treated warmly inside – while outside there were the usual protesters…

The self-righteous self-important ‘never-Trump’ RiNO assholes won’t be satisfied, (they never will be),  – but for voters who had legitimate doubts about how ‘presidential’ or how ‘serious’ Trump really is,  – last night should calm their fears…. He spoke directly to America’s Black communities and placed the blame squarely on 60+ years of Democrat Plantation Politics:  “Hillary […]

Trump’s 5-State SWEEP!

April 26th, 2016

Exit polls are very telling;  the establishment RiNOs will be drinking VERY heavily tonight! Democrats spent the past 40 years driving blue-collar jobs out of the Northeast,  – now voters are having their say….