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We expect certain people to lie to us,  – because lying for a living is what they do.   These include used car salesmen,  prostitutes,  and Democrats…. The problem is that at some point the liars begin to actually believe their own lies,  – to the point they can pass a polygraph.  Here he spouts lies […]

Your local school and/or your local Democrats will likely celebrate “Earth Day” today,  – usually with projects designed to promote awareness of how fragile Mother Nature is. They’re unlikely to tell your children about Ira Einhorn,  – or what happened to his girlfriend Holly Maddux….  Why would they? They want the fraud to live on.   They […]

Jim McGovern: His Own Words

October 31st, 2010

His ENTIRE life spent in Washington DC.  Enough!

Union Goons For McGovern

October 28th, 2010

Once Again A Sad Story About Union Guys [and Gals] There was a 3-way congressional debate held at the Northborough Senior Center hosted by the TEA Party.  The debate itself was outstanding and a worthy event.  What happened outside was a sad but telling picture of the manipulation of union labor – and their families. […]

Unbelievable! You’ll need to play it twice.  Mass 3rd District Congressman Jim McGovernment – 14 years a House flunky [clerk] and 14 years an über-liberal congressman – thinks our “Constitution is wrong”.