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You can claim to be a Republican – but actions speak far louder than words. Massachusetts has a remarkable record of electing gay men and women to both the State Legislature and to Congress. Elaine Nobel,  JamieBoy Eldridge,  Stan Rosenberg,  Liz Malia,  Gerry Studds,  and Barney Frank come quickly to mind.   But in addition to […]

We expect certain people to lie to us,  – because lying for a living is what they do.   These include used car salesmen,  prostitutes,  and Democrats…. The problem is that at some point the liars begin to actually believe their own lies,  – to the point they can pass a polygraph.  Here he spouts lies […]

Your local school and/or your local Democrats will likely celebrate “Earth Day” today,  – usually with projects designed to promote awareness of how fragile Mother Nature is. They’re unlikely to tell your children about Ira Einhorn,  – or what happened to his girlfriend Holly Maddux….  Why would they? They want the fraud to live on.   They […]

Jim McGovern: His Own Words

October 31st, 2010

His ENTIRE life spent in Washington DC.  Enough!

Union Goons For McGovern

October 28th, 2010

Once Again A Sad Story About Union Guys [and Gals] There was a 3-way congressional debate held at the Northborough Senior Center hosted by the TEA Party.  The debate itself was outstanding and a worthy event.  What happened outside was a sad but telling picture of the manipulation of union labor – and their families. […]

Unbelievable! You’ll need to play it twice.  Mass 3rd District Congressman Jim McGovernment – 14 years a House flunky [clerk] and 14 years an über-liberal congressman – thinks our “Constitution is wrong”.