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Stabbing Victims Are AMERICANS!

September 1st, 2018

So you want to visit Europe?  It’s just not like it was 20 years ago…  Two Americans were stabbed by a 19-yr old Muslim “refugee” from Afghanistan inside the Central Train Station in Amsterdam Friday. Like America,  the cops can’t be everywhere,  – you’re mostly on your own.  Folks,  this is exactly the result Osama […]

Officer Jeff Neville was at the Flint Michigan airport to guard against Muslim terrorism,  – something America has endured since 9/11.  Then he became a victim.  Thank God it looks like he will survive. But the media is bending over backwards to call his ‘attacker’ a Canadian man.

She’d devoted years to helping illegal migrants (aka Muslims) avoid deportation.  Last Friday one of them drove a stolen beer truck over her. She was mashed so badly it took the coroner two days to figure out who she’d been.  The Muslim who ran her down had avoided deportation by lying;  – but then the […]

When Trump said Sweden was under attack the Left mocked him,  implying that he was bombastic and misinformed,  – maybe even unstable.  But he was right. The Swedish government has been trying to cover up the ugly truth about an epidemic of Muslims raping Swedish women,….but a stolen truck plowing into a downtown crowd in […]

Neither our Bible nor our Constitution were written to be suicide pacts,  but liberals have used both to weaken us. It’s way past time to wake up and smell the jihad. Despite fear of the Kraken,  Columbus sailed west specifically because sailing east meant near-certain death at Muslim hands.   524 years later,…damned little has changed. […]

American born Christian Christina Couzan converted to Islam,  and is now known as Khalilah Sabra – “advocate and author best known for her work with refugees”.   But she’s really hard at work recruiting jihaddis for an Islamic uprising here in the USA. This is precicely the goal of our Muslim-in-Chief Obama,  – and organizations like […]

Faisal Mohammad Met Byron Price

November 5th, 2015

ISIS murderers are amongst us;  thankfully,  so are heroes ready to take them down! Faisal Mohammad was an 18-year old freshman at UCal Merced – in the high desert of Central California – just 80 miles from where he graduated high school in Santa Clara.   Until yesterday,…when he went on Jihad….stabbing students….

Amateur Hour and Make-Believe ended suddenly in the rain Tuesday morning – outside a CVS in Roslindale, Massachusetts. Surveillance video below the fold: We’ll never know if Usaama Rahim set out that morning, – KA-BAR at his side to behead an unsuspecting Boston Cop, – if he envisioned dying before, during, or after his grizzly deed. […]

…American playboy from Chechnya WAS a long-time Jihadi! Strangely, it is the defense team trying to save little brother DoucheCar’s life – that offered this jihadi image of the “Evil Big Brother” in court.  For my money – the whole family is twisted and evil!  How many more are out there…?  Democrats Please NOTE:  How […]

Really Obama? Rashad Hussain?

February 19th, 2015

If Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. appoints Rashad Hussain to head America’s new “Counterterrorism Messaging Center”,…should we be amused,  concerned, or downright suspicious? Mind you, this guy – with Muslim Brotherhood ties – has been part of Obama’s White House inner Circle of Trusted Muslims since 2009…. The Muslim Brotherhood has been carefully erasing his footprints […]