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…and we STILL have a lousy Vice President… I stayed glued to the TV in July 1960 watching the Republican and Democratic conventions.  When they were done it was clear to me that Nixon and Lodge represented a calm, steady continuation of the Eisenhower legacy,… …while Kennedy and Johnson were a couple of phonies.

John Ketchup Kerry has had so many titles in his life, ivy league preppie, wannabe naval hero, congressional perjurer, anti-war activist, traitor, wannabe lawyer, gigolo, junior senator, wannabe president, wannabe SecState, and now in his old age he can add Massachusetts TAX DODGER.

Hello Americans! From the People’s Republic of Mass-a-TWO-Shits I am proud to report that ~ just maybe ~ our liberation is at hand.  It is certainly within the hands of our Voters on Tuesday.  Ever so slowly Freedom of Speech has crept back over the course of this Special Election.  Folks are finding the courage […]