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The Best Anti-Gun Vote Money Can Buy! Jessie Jackson Jr. is headed to jail; – so NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg [worth $25 Bil / 10th Richest in US] put up $2.1 Million to fund Chicago anti-gun candidate Robin Kelly.  Bloomberg feels our 2nd Amendment is for sale…cheap! On the Republican side of the primary […]

How Much Did Junior Steal?

February 16th, 2013

When you steal from Chicago voters, – is it really stealing? Former Chicago Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. – son of the infamous Poverty Pimp – is facing somewhere between 46 and 57 months in prison.  His wife Sandi could do 3 years. Why? He/they seem to have ‘diverted’ some campaign contributions to their personal use.  […]

500 murders this year and Reverend Jackson cannot explain what good Chicago’s very strict gun laws do. CAUTION: Painful to watch. NOTE: His solution for Chicago is to have Obama come…[another photo-op].