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A single photo shows how desperate Dems are for anything that doesn’t look and sound like AOC’s full-blown socialism. Biden is 76, Jackson is 77. Over their lifetimes, which one has told the most lies?

I’ve never trusted anything this man said,  on face value,  – EVER! Does he hope any pardon for Hillary will include his son Jesse Jr and Daughter-in-Law Sandi…?

DemoCRAPS love these attitudes,  – but if fact they do nothing to improve racial harmony. Kaine is really pandering for Black votes,  – and fueling the fires of Black racists.   Who wrote this speech…?

Has the supermarket tabloid just done the heavy lifting for the “Mainstream Media”?  Those Family Values Utah voters are going to be very pissed if even part of this proves true…. Only Bill Clinton and John Kerry could survive headlines like these…

The Democrat / Teacher Union betrayal of a generation… How…?   Why…?

It was just a matter of time.  Lifetime race-baiter Jesse Jackson want’s a piece of the Duck Dynasty action.  More specifically he’s demanding a meeting with both TV Network A&E and the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain.  It’s blackmail time.

Union toll in the Civil War: Battle deaths 110,070,  Disease deaths 249,458,  Wounded 275,175 I’ve walked the battlefield at Gettysburg in July – climbed the Little Round Top, crossed the Wheat Field into Winslow’s guns…heard the screams, smelled the blood… And yesterday collecting signatures for a young Republican candidate in Worcester I had a young black […]