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California’s Governor MoonBeam lives in an alternate universe,  – a world without borders – where people with money and corporations are heavily taxed to pay for illegals to come and go to college for free. When there isn’t enough money left over to fix dams or buy fleets of water tankers, – oh well – […]

California In The Twilight Zone

December 7th, 2017

Things just got REAL UGLY in California.  Governor MoonBeam suddenly needs to call President Trump.  AWKWARD! Charlie Baker, – how much longer will you play Brahmin Asshole?

NOTHING is too expensive for BIG Government dreamers!  So sue me, – the projected cost is only $98.5 Billion – before over-runs! As California’s self-inflicted drought reaches the point where people are stealing water at gunpoint, – what could ~ possibly ~ go wrong with a bullet train they don’t need? THIS is how BIG […]

At RRB we’re well aware that you’re enduring the outrages of Governor MoonBeam.  We know he has ZERO intentions of cracking down on welfare fraud,                             – after all,  those voters are his base… So the question becomes – ‘What is the proper role of government?’   Is it to protect the People and their Liberties;  – […]

Parasites In Your Wallet

November 7th, 2010

Why do Democrats and Socialists believe they have a ‘right’ – even a ‘duty’ to force the rest of us to comply with their state welfare programs [like ObamaCare] and tax the crap our of us to do so?  Year after year they seem to vote and live like parasites in your wallet. I have […]

Former [’75 – ’83] California Hippy/Governor Jerry Brown is running for his old job again.  Listen to what he is promising for illegals. 

You haven’t heard much about the contentious California governor’s race – between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown?  Could it be because the liberal MSM doesn’t want to show you the tactics being employed?  Watch the videos – and get a flavor of political life and thinking on the Left Coast.  Remember that California is TOTALLY […]