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She’s been fooling Republicans – even so-called experienced and seasoned ones – for over a decade.  She was even elected and re-elected as Chair of the MassGOP, – despite sabotaging REAL Republicans and Conservatives in favor of other closet Democrats. She even bragged she’d be Charlie Baker’s LtGov….until she was forced OUT!

She’s known as Party Chair Barbie and she screws over (#ucks over) everything she touches. Watch out Boston,  – YOU’RE NEXT! It was just a few years ago she was bragging to the staff at the MassGOP HQ that she was going to be Charlie Baker’s running mate….

GOOD NEWS:   The Mouseketeer is QUITTING! BAD NEWS:      Her cover-up artist wants her job! Mitt Romney and John Kasich couldn’t want for a better 2020 ally in Massachusetts…

Here she is – our MassGOP Chair – Jennifer A. Nassour, Esquire – up in New Hampshire – looking all aglow in Mitt Romney’s presence. She made the front page of Fox. Gee Barbie, is there ~ any chance ~ that your Merrimac Street HQ will consider supporting any OTHER Republican, – like maybe a real […]

The fight’s over, so Party Chair Barbie chirps her 2¢ worth. Where the hell were you all of July Barbie?  Waiting by the phone for Mitt’s talking points? Oh that’s right – you were planning a PARTY!  “This year’s BBQ will feature great family activities such as a magic show,  balloon animals,  a craft tent, […]

My thanks to all you Patriots who showed up to give testimony and show support for the Secure Communities Program. And a big Hat Tip to the small but highly professional Massasoit College Police Force. The large mob of protesters we fully expected didn’t show, just the usual suspects.

The March of the RiNOs

January 7th, 2011

It wasn’t even close – 50 / 16 / 2 / 1.  Party Chair Barbie wins the right to lead us into another debacle. But Barbie and her little herd of RiNOs must have been very worried. They had the place blocked off and a plain-clothed security goon posted to keep us out.  And he […]

MassGOP At The Crossroads

January 4th, 2011

Two years ago – months before RRB was born, I was warning our elected Republican leaders – our State Committee people that of the three candidates then vying for Chairman of our MassGOP, Jen Nassour was clearly the worst.  I personally supported Joe Manzoli, because I knew him better than Mike Franco and because I’d […]

Very QUIETLY, our Republican State Party Chairwoman Jennifer Nassour has called State Committee meeting of the MassGOP – for the purpose of re-electing herself.    She tried to do this on the QT because she is well aware of widespread anger at her.  So when people expressed their outrage to the Vice-Chair – Jeanne Kangas, […]

BREAKING NEWS! The Watertown RTC has just met and voted “NO Confidence” in the leadership of MassGOP Chairwoman Jennifer A. Nassour [aka Party Chair Barbie].   Ms. Nassour has only her own ambition and her own arrogance to blame.  The November election results have humiliated and angered most Massachusetts Republicans, certainly all the traditional and conservative […]