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On TV and on Twitter,  Party Chair Barbie,  – the dismal failure MassGOP Chair,  – can’t stop bashing Trump? Is Hillary paying her to regurgitate the DNC lies? She was on Fox-25 Boston last night – thrilled that the New Hampshire senate race is between two women.  She seems to be a single-issue feminazi….

This woman – a lawyer? – who was Chairwoman of the MassGOP for too many years – demonstrates precisely why Republicans number just 11% in this once-important state. Snarly B-I-T-C-H says she’ll stay home on election day… Caution Folks,  – some of her comments are really sickening!

Our Inept MassGOP Flounders

September 22nd, 2011

It was a meeting so bad it makes you want to go register ‘Unenrolled’! This was Jennifer A. Nassour, Esquire’s [aka Party Chair Barbie] swan song.  She just resigned – days after Elisabeth Warren entered the US Senate race.  Hmmmm! I fully expected the high-profile members to fawn over the expecting mother.  I was not disappointed.  […]

This is MassGOP Chairwoman Jennifer A. Nassour, Esquire, holding forth at a meeting of the Newburyport Republican City Committee. You ~ may ~ detect a certain attitude in her voice, and then a certain edge.

Tonight I went to watch political theater at its worst – the Quarterly Meeting of the MassGOP at the Newton Marriott where Party Chair Barbie tried to spin our recent debacle into a tale of wonderful news.  The scary part for Massachusetts is how many state reps had either already bought into it – or were […]