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OK,  let’s be honest,  – over these past 10-12 years I’ve come to really loathe this creep,  – and always for good reason.  Let’s start with the fact that he’s a liar,  a socialist,  – and an elected official who skirts and violates his OATH to our Constitution daily. But JamieBoy was holding a “Gun Violence […]

The truth is…we never stopped you… Another alumni of our űber-expensive Acton-Boxborough High School has gone to meet his maker – with his system full of unknown amounts of booze, pills, and final nightmares. Pity his parents. Pity the next set of parents.  Acton’s dirty little liberal drug-addicted secret is out in the open. Everybody […]

This is a good news / bad news story. The good news is that the kids at Acton-Boxborough High have done some impressive work to reduce electrical use, saved a bunch of money [$70K], started a worthy recycling of lunch waste, and won an award.  Today they received that award from Eco-Schools USA. The BAD […]

New Cellmate Chuck!

June 15th, 2011

 G U I L T Y ! Jury is in.  Former Massachusetts Speaker of the House of Representatives – Democrat Sal DiMasi – was found GUILTY of Conspiracy,  Mail & Wire Fraud [x 6 counts] and Extortion.  He could get 25 years.  Move over Chuck Turner – you’re getting a cellmate. Sal’s co-defendant Richard McDonough […]

40 year old National Public Radio – caught in their own disgrace. First, last October NPR CEO Vivian Schiller fired on-air commentator Juan Williams after Juan admitted that after 9/11, sometimes the presence of garbed Muslims make him uncomfortable. “Racism!” Fired! The fact that Juan also worked for FOXNews …‘…nothing to do with it!’ Then, […]

Sometimes we learn the truth in funny ways . . .

Happy New Year Americans!   Duck and Cover Democrats! Acton, MA   It’s been said that I can be a stubborn man.  I wanted answers and when my State Rep kept blowing me off – I went to see her in her “Acton office”, a local coffee shop.   I think she wasn’t glad to see me.  I wanted […]

Good Evening Americans, The sun has set on the Massachusetts 37th Middlesex District, and with a full six days to answer two simple questions, – guess what!?!? Despite a follow-up reminder e-mail and a call to her office this afternoon [I spoke to Katie] – she’s failed to answer me. You pick the reason: liberal […]

Good Sunday Morning Folks, I want to be fair, maybe I’m bending over backwards to do so.  I won’t finish this entry until late Monday night or early Tuesday.  Let me explain. Tuesday was the Primary for our Special Senate Election here.  I was at my Acton polling site with a sign,  challenging moonbats to think before […]

Black Friday in Tax-a-chusetts?

November 12th, 2009

Your elected “leaders” could find no value in tightening our state budget. So they enacted a 25% sales tax increase. So guess where hundreds of thousands of Mass-holers will go shopping this season?

That’s right – New Hampshire!