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OMG!    What a ‘Surprise’!    Not! Bill Weld is the PERFECT Democrat,   a totally transparent RiNO, – and not even a smidgen of a Republican.  The best words to describe him are “Self-serving opportunist”.

When your poll numbers are down, – nothing seems to go right.   Jeb, looking tired and slumped,  – spoke to an aging crowd of 100 in North Las Vegas,  – forced himself to grind through his usual stump speech, – …and then got heckled by Black Lives Matter…

The Dreaded Zzz Monster Strikes!

September 3rd, 2015

In Hampton, NH – bites a woman – puts her to sleep… I’d all but forgotten the Dreaded Zzz Monster,  – known for lurking in the back of Army classrooms,  – waiting to bite young soldiers and suck their brains out… What was Jeb talking about?   Will anybody really care…?   Boring!

Rises in ANGER – to defend Megyn Kelly,  – a full-grown woman and network anchor?  Nothing sexist there…? By their spots you will know them.   DEMOCRATS are ALWAYS demanding that Republicans ‘apologize’ for some remark or imagined slight.  Their feelings are always being hurt…

Just follow the MONEY Folks, – to know what Jeb’s core political beliefs really are! Little Brother Jeb was just in the Hamptons,  a cozy gathering at Ken Lipper’s storied mansion,…and all the big-name DEMOCRATS were writing checks.  Who’s Lipper…?

Jeb got his words confused in New Hampshire this week – in a printed interview.  It sure sucks when that happens. God knows how tough it is pretending you’ll be tough on illegal immigration when you’re on record supporting amnesty, – have a Mexican wife, – lived in Mexico, – and have stated you believe […]

With TONS of big-donor cash behind him,  George’s little brother jumps into the 2016 presidential campaign.  His cash will be enough to drown many true conservative voices. Hillary Clinton,  George Soros,  and Bill Gates are absolutely thrilled!  Jeb is a believer in Amnesty for illegals – and in the Common Core poison for your kids.

Jeb, these young Conservatives at CPAC just told you how your run for the White House will end; – – with the election of Hillary Clinton! They’ve listened, and they’ve seen through you Jeb.  You’re a Progressive. You should re-register as a Democrat and challenge Hillary in the Democratic primaries.  You’d stand a chance there, […]

Jeb Bush’s ObamaCare Money

December 26th, 2014

The former Florida governor made himself a little cash from ObamaCare – $1,400,000. But of course he HATES ObamaCare….

Jeb wants to be Bush 45?   HELL NO!! We’ve had enough of these FAKE REPUBLICANS and RiNOs!  They’re a wishy-washy spineless lot of eager self-servers – who have never read our Constitution, – much less studied it! I don’t care if Jeb speaks Spanish.  Let him go run for President of Mexico!