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Some people just can’t take “NO!” for an answer…. Keep a list of all the so-called ‘Republicans’ who are avoiding Cleveland this week,… Romney, Walker, the Bushes, Charlie Baker, Kasich, McCain, Flake, Sasse, et al,….

He was doing a series of town halls in South Carolina with RiNO Lindsey Graham, – who asked the crowd “How many of you are Republicans?” Jeb’s hand stayed down – goofy grin plastered on his face… Then Lindsay asked “…how many are Democrats?”….see embarrassing video: 

That God-Awful Sound of Silence,…when they’re just not buying your act…. 33-second video below the fold:

Hey,…just maybe…your $35 MILLION DOLLAR ad campaign is actually…pissing people off…?

Hank Greenberg at 90 has lived a full life.  The former US Army captain and veteran of WWII [helped liberate Dachau] and Korea, – became a lawyer, – was friends with Kissinger, – and later Chairman of AIG.   He’s a billionaire,  – and he thought he was investing in a reliable RiNO president…. That’s not working […]

He’s squandered $35 Million on ads so far – with barely 4% of the polls to show for it… Now his PAC “Right To Rise” will be spending another $14.1 Million to flood New Hampshire and Boston TV with RiNO ads leading up to Tuesday, February 9th.   By then New England Republicans should be pretty […]

Only The Lonely In Miami

December 16th, 2015

Jeb Bush’s Debate Watch Party,…wasn’t much of a party… Roy Orbison anticipated Jeb’s turnout….

The RiNO with money to burn ‘relaunched’  – for the 5th time yesterday,  – still claiming to have ‘leadership‘,  – but still refusing to embrace Republican principles… And he said he wouldn’t bash anybody else – as he was bashing them….

Are Jeb’s charges obnoxious – but true?   Is Marco a “Republican Obama”,  – running as a centrist with plans lurking in his heart to govern as a Progressive? No doubt that a year ago Jeb envisioned himself riding high and cruising to easy early primary victories.  He must be stunned and very bitter to have […]

Like…who are you in business with…? Don’t George Soros and Hainan Airlines Chairman Chen Feng have business interests which run counter to American interests? Jeb is just ~ a little ~ more ‘conservative‘ than Hillary….  Read a great piece on Breitbart by Patrick Howley.   People deserve to know the truth behind the money and the […]