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Trump’s VA Secretary David Shulkin has acted – admittedly on a Boston Globe report,  – and removed two career slugs from control of the Manchester VA Hospital.  It’s a good beginning. Now how about some criminal prosecutions?

A Little Too Much Gail Huff?

April 27th, 2016

Which presidential contender was recently wondering aloud if Scott Brown might be among her Vice Presidential picks,…?  Yeah,  that was Carly Fiorina! At the time I cringed,  – because having frozen my feet gathering signatures for Scott back in 2009,  I remain keenly disappointed [aka mad as HELL] at what a sell-out liberal RiNO backstabber […]

It was a spectacle to behold, – former Governor – now NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen –[ the one US Senator guaranteed to vote for whatever Obama wants]…stood with Hillary launching WOMEN for HILLARY! There were tears of joy running down Bill’s cheek…as he gazed into the crowd in search of future interns…. This new campaign […]

Is she just another apologist for all things Islamic, – or is she too stupid to grasp basic facts? She wants to be sure that “Islam is not confused with these horrible terrorist acts” [committed by Boko Haram]. Please, explain yourself Jeanne…

If You Like Your Senator….

December 19th, 2013

2014 is going to be a fun year politically…. Now if New Hampshire can just find a REAL Republican to run against her!   NO! Definitely not you Scott Brown – you back-stabbing RiNO carpet-bagger!