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For decades your humble blogger has been warning Americans that the carefully orchestrated breakdown in our ordered society means that you will someday have to defend your life and property from lawless hordes.  If you are unarmed or unready – you may be killed! It happened Sunday night in Olympia Washington – their state capital.  […]

The bachelor mayor has been in office just over a year,  – and has allowed a homeless encampment to fester on the lawn of City Hall.  He walked past them every day.  When you ignore civil disobedience and crime,  – you embolden it…. How long did he really think they’d be content to “peacefully co-exist”?

Remember back to the days of “Occupy Wall Street”?  Those major city occupations were rehearsals – a test of tactics and police response,  and a trial run for George Soros’ useful idiots.  Liberal mayors were very tolerant. Seattle has spent decades making itself a conspicuous target for radical violence and take-over tactics. And it’s an […]

The Soros Mob that took over six city blocks in Seattle, – and then occupied City Hall have suffered an embarrassing public humiliation:  Their “dinner guests” stole all their food. While Mayor Durkan and Governor Jay Inslee may be content to wait out the rebels, – in hopes that they’ll get really hungry and fade […]

Liberal Seattle is home to some 725,000 people with a $12.oo minimum wage.  But some 12,000 of those folks have no wages,  and are homeless, – and are mostly drug addicted. It has taken just two decades of arrogant liberalism to ruin what was one the cleanest and most beautiful city I’d ever visited.  CAUTION: […]

Oathkeepers In Action

April 6th, 2015

Washington State left-wing Governor Jay Inslee thought it would be a fitting gesture to hoist the Communist Chinese flag before the state Capitol. On Saturday morning Patriots and Oathkeepers had a much better idea.  You can leave your message for Governor Inslee by calling (360) 902-4111