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Napolitano Runs For The EXIT!

September 19th, 2019

She screwed Arizona for 16 years, – then the whole Nation for 4½ years, – and now California for 6+ years,  – long enough to collect 3 pensions! Toward the end of the Obama Tyranny there was talk of putting her on the Supreme Court,  – but even they knew this corrupt lawyer couldn’t pass […]

TSA’s Acting Administrator, Melvin J. Carraway, – held that top job just 173 days – and has now been bounced down stairs after his own audit proved that TSA agents failed 67 of 70 smuggling tests – that’s a 96% failure rate. TOKEN GOOD NEWS: At least the TSA was actually conducting tests to see […]

Charlie is a social climber. He wants it all, – big job, big home, contacts, PhD, luxury travel, – and all on your tax dollars…. RRB has one (1) question: WHERE are the DAMNED BULLETS? Charlie and his wife Madhuri live in Sandy Spring. He’s been traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to get his PhD […]

Why Liberals Can’t Govern

April 16th, 2013

They only want to see ‘the Good’, fail to fathom EVIL! Columbine – 9/11 – Virginia Tech – Tucson – Aurora – Newtown – Boston; – liberals failed us each time, – whether the madmen were insane students – or warped Islamist fanatics. None of these were ‘spur-of-the-moment’ rage killings.  They had all been planned […]

Jason Takes A Bullet For The Boss

September 19th, 2012

aka ‘Falling on his sword’… DOJ Inspector General [aka ‘the Foxes’] release a 512 page report on the henhouse, – damning several federal agencies, – ATF – DoJ – but ‘clearing‘ top brass Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano of any wrongdoing in connection with Fast & Furious. Today DepAsstAG Jason Weinstein falls ceremoniously on his […]

What’s up with the ammo purchases by the government?What are they planning?  Surely they’d tell us because PresO promised transparency.  Are they planning to invade somewhere?  Are they hedging the future costs?  Do they just have some surplus money that allows them to spend it on such things?  What budget line item covers ammo from […]

What War Is DHS Planning?

August 15th, 2012

Department of Homeland Security [and other agencies] buy four (4) times MORE bullets than we have people! For WHAT? .40 cal pistol hollow point –  450 million rounds .40 cal pistol – 350 million rounds .40 cal pistol – 200 million .233 cal rifle –  175 million rounds .50 cal sniper –  20,000 rounds .308 […]

Did DHS Queens Run Amok?

August 10th, 2012

Bad leadership, – or ‘girls gone wild’? So alleges a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes, Jr. – currently the NY City chief of ICE.  He says that life back at the DC HQ became hellish and bizarre when the ‘ladies’ came to run things.  He’s looking for a modest $335,000 in damages.

  When does abject dereliction of duty become TREASON?   Somebody can’t do a job THIS POORLY ~ unless…they’re screwing up ON PURPOSE! Which government is Janet Napolitano working for; – ours, – Mexico, – or some socialist vision of ‘world government’?

40,000+ DEAD MEXICANS! Hard-core socialists and communists fully embrace the axiom: “The End Justifies the Means”. Translated today it says that 40,000+ dead Mexicans are just collateral damage to one-world borderless socialism. Those 40,000+ dead Mexican and US Citizens more than warrant life prison sentences for Obama,  Holder, and Napolitano!