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I take great satisfaction at having lived long enough to write THIS blog entry.  Lifelong left-wing activist / communist sympathizer and American traitor Tom Hayden died yesterday. He won’t vote next month! If you read a measure of bitterness and vitriol in my words, – that is because I lack the skills to write how I […]

Clinton – Sanders – O’Malley – Webb – Chafee – and maybe Biden as a last-minute walk on. Things to watch for….make your own scorecard. I’m expecting a proforma night from Moderator Anderson Cooper – who is openly gay – and sure to ask some gay-focused questions. The BIG DRAMA will center around Hillary – […]

Suddenly in a position of great power [when Obama and Rice let him speak] Kerry wants us to believe him, – after 45 years of lying his ass off? Now we’re to believe he has ‘absolute proof’ that Bashar al-Assad has used Sarin?   Really Lurch, – when al Quada could have used it to suck […]