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Blood dripping from her hands,   – dried blood on her shoes,  – a trail of dead bodies covered with lies,…and still all Democrats can say is “It’s time for a WOMAN!”

Bill Whittle On President Coward

September 8th, 2014

I’ve yet to hear anybody say it clearer… After viewing this, anybody who votes to re-elect any Democrat in the House or Senate – all who have been providing cover for Obama’s Cartel, – is as much a traitor as is Obama!

Some images stick in your brain forever; – Nero fiddling as Rome burned, Christ carrying his cross up Calvary Hill, JFK in Dealey Plaza, – Obama’s summer vacation. If the rumors and leaks are true, – he wavered and vacillated over a month before approving a rescue mission, When he finally OKed it, the intelligence had degraded […]