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Our Muslim Lecturer-in-Chief probably thought he was delivering a dose of ‘his special enlightenment‘ to us stupid ungrateful Americans. He launched a tirade against those critics – including RRB and Trump, – who have criticized his failure to say “Radical Islam”. Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a> No shock Folks, – in just 12 […]

It takes Allen West just 6 minutes to destroy Obama’s concept of anti-terrorism operations. I guess you could say that getting this war policy right is far more important than a delusional lame-duck pResident appeasing his left-wing base…? Did you notice – no teleprompter…?

Yes, YOU Fed A Terrorist!

April 24th, 2013

Marathon Bombers had EBT Cards! Deval Patrick’s favorite agency – the Department of Transitional Assistance – had the Tsarnaev Family on EBT Cards – originally as refugees. PONDER: Their victims, – the dead and the wounded – all of us who work – PAID for these bastards to live comfortably, go to school, and plot […]

Why Liberals Can’t Govern

April 16th, 2013

They only want to see ‘the Good’, fail to fathom EVIL! Columbine – 9/11 – Virginia Tech – Tucson – Aurora – Newtown – Boston; – liberals failed us each time, – whether the madmen were insane students – or warped Islamist fanatics. None of these were ‘spur-of-the-moment’ rage killings.  They had all been planned […]

Now Sweden Is Under Jihad

December 12th, 2010

For decades Sweden had generously taken in asylum seeking refugees from various Islamic nations, most often those suffering violence in their homelands.  Sweden’s 200,000 Muslims [2% of Sweden’s population] can trace their roots to Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and the Balkans.  They were welcomed as refugees.  Sweden is a very Christian nation.  But it seems many […]