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Niki Tsongas: Lying Elitist Fraud

September 13th, 2014

America’s Third (3rd) Stupidest Congresswoman send her supporters an insulting email question, – and reveals how hollow and inept she is! Tsilent Tsongas has been a Pelosi Sock Puppet and Obama Cheerleader for seven (7) years. Elected solely on name identity with her dead husband – she’d failed to do her most basic homework. She […]

It is to appear very different from Bush. Period! Caught is a 5-year web of his own lies, misstatements, stupid remarks, and ill-timed photo-ops, our Muslim-in-Chief will now pretend to lead [still from behind] a war on ISIS. He will still call them ‘ISIL’.

…Obama goes looking for a strategy – in Stonehenge? Of course he made a huge production of his visit.

Our Pussy-in-Chief Wants WHAT?!?  Mister Obama: Just how many beheadings do you consider ‘manageable’? The man who thought he could bring World Peace by the sheer force of his superior intellect cannot make it through a single press conference without stumbling over his words. First he wants to ‘degrade and destroy‘, – but then he […]

RIP: Steven Sotloff

September 2nd, 2014

It has happened again!   ISIS made another video of their goon beheading a helpless American journalist. I’m sure Obama will come up with a ‘strategy’ – just as soon as Eric Holder can round up a cadre of criminal defense lawyers to defend these ‘alleged killers’. Hey Liberals, – do you understand the agenda yet?   […]

…then I’ll blame it on Bush!

Parts of this propaganda video are boring, other parts sickening. ISIS shows off it’s sophistication in tactics, it’s no-quarter rules of engagement, and it’s use of modern technology. CAUTION: Parts are GRUESOME!! This should scare you, – because while Obama may try to keep Americans out of this war, ISIS has entirely different ideas. Should […]

Journalist, Activist, Spy, or Sucker? We’ll likely never know Foley’s complete story, – but the parts we do know leave little cause for sympathy. Foley claimed to be a journalist – went to Libya in 2011 to cover the anti-Qaddafi revolution there , – and got himself captured by Qaddafi’s men, – and jailed for […]

Mark Levin excoriates Obama:“Pathetic, on the 9th Hole…” Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comAnd he nails Hagel, Kerry and Biden too!

I guess flying Air Force One to-and-from fundraisers can be exhausting…? Once again this summer – I find myself rooting for the Great White…