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A Short Lesson On Censorship

November 1st, 2016

Silencing and intimidating political opposition is as old as mankind,  – which is why the United States is such a unique concept…. But the would-be thought police and dictators keep trying…

30,000 ‘lost’ Emails suddenly ‘found’.   Lois Lerner was a busy girl. Stripped of his HARRY REID SHIELD, Obama might be connected DIRECTLY to IRS targeting – of individuals and TEA Party groups. Funny, they eventually put Al Capone away for tax fraud. Maybe tax issues will do in Obama?

Anybody replacing Eric Holder as US Attorney General is wading into cesspool of racial prejudice and flagrant criminal cover-up.  Obama wouldn’t nominate anybody who hasn’t already promised to continue Holder’s work of covering his ass…. So – as rumors suggest, – has Obama become so totally detached from his job that Al Sharpton got to […]

Two (2) Plaintiffs, Two (2) Cases, Two (2) Federal Judges; – now the roaches will scurry! Call it a ‘Judicial Conspiracy”, – or “A Posse of Judges”,  – but the roundup of lying IRS DemocRATS has begun.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is totally unapologetic. I just wish Ryan was as fierce about our Southern Border…

Six Democrats joined the Republicans! Yeah, you’ll be looking over your shoulder – for years….

O’Reilly has been “…giving Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt…” for five (5) full years – in the face of overwhelming evidence of Obama’s racism, corruption, bumbling, lying and treason. So why ask softball questions, and why accept bald-faced lies?  Unless, – you’re a secret Democrat? This was a clash of two GIANT egos, […]

Obama Cartel Running Scared!

November 23rd, 2013

They long for those good old days of easy photo-ops – before everything came unglued. Al Franken – the flaming liberal Saturday Nite Live clown that Minnesota sent to the US Senate as a joke on all of us in 2008 – is one of 22 left-wing Class II Senators up for re-election in 2014.  […]

In recent days Mister Obama rants that the GOP [he means House Republicans] are ‘distracting America from the problems at hand – with a series of  phony scandals‘.      I wonder…exactly what Obama would consider a  REAL scandal?