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Next Friday, July 11th – they’re due back in Federal Court to tell Judge Reggie Walton why a team of outside internet experts shouldn’t be sent in to really look for Lois Lerner’s ‘missing’ e-mails. Judge Walton was first appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, – so I can’t wait for Obama or Elijah […]

Holly Paz Fesses Up

June 17th, 2013

Confession is good for the soul; – and for book and movie deals… Are Obama’s Hollywood supporters quietly offering her a package deal – in exchange for her claiming to be the ‘end of the trail‘? It would be relatively easy to make a movie about the events of 2009-2013, with so much publicly available […]

As she rips the Obama Cartel liars, – I keep wondering how she refrains from using the words I so commonly use…  Guess her mom raised a lady… Do you think she’d make a great vice president?