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The long-legged turd has done it again;  – betrayed yet another American ally,  – this time Israel. 50 years ago he was betraying the Republic of South Vietnam – while still a Navy Reservist.  Now it seems – with his daughter married to an Iranian,  – he’s found a new avenue for his treasonous betrayals.  […]

It started with Carter – the Georgia peanut merchant, – who spent the first 2½ years of his presidency lecturing foreign dictators on HUMAN RIGHTS and Christian Values….while he let our military wither for lack of ammo and spare parts. Then he threw the Shah under the bus, and when the radical students took our […]

The endless cycle of Arabs (supplied by Iran) attacking Israel, – only to get a fast one-way trip to meet Allah goes on and on….a people who embrace Death trying to obliterate a people who embrace Life.  The Gaza Arab terrorists are expendable fools in the hands of the Iranians. Now watch as our left-wing […]

Trump At The UN: WoW!

September 19th, 2017

The Globalists are cringing,  – the Thugs are on NOTICE,  – and his critics are dumbstruck!   In measured well-chosen words,  Trump explained American Policy to the career crooks of the United Nations. Historic 40-min video below the fold:

The Neville Chamberlain of our Time!  Kerry’s pathetically conspicuous quest for a Nobel Peace Prize – to bolster his 2016 [or even 2020] Presidential Candidate résumé will cost countless lives across Europe and the Islamic world. Like Chamberlain 75 years ago,  Kerry wants to be seen as a ‘peacemaker‘ – to add to his phony  […]

Badly burned by the ‘Arab Spring‘ [it was really the Muslim Brotherhood Spring] and then Benghazi, – then In Amenas, Algeria, – and now Boston, Obama is paralyzed into inaction. The Israelis under Benjamin Netanyahu suffer no such indecision, – and no illusions about their safety in a post-Assad Middle East.  They acted!

Breathtaking Parallels

September 4th, 2012

I remember when Iranian “students” took American hostages and held them for 444 days.  They took them and thumbed their noses at a US President.  He did little to rescue them.  He did little to uphold the honor of America.  He did little because he was weak.  He was loath to offend and cause trouble […]

Yesterday was bad – tomorrow will be worse. The never-ending cycle of an eye-for-an-eye, a son-for-a-son spirals on through Middle Eastern history with ever more vicious tactics, and more risk for the rest of us. When you pit a ‘religion‘ steeped in hatred and justified killing against religions and cultures that preach love, forgiveness, and […]

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin. How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him? The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts. The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are […]

Once again the Israeli Prime Minister schools Obama on Leadership and how to make a speech!  Don’t you wish we could have a leader like this?