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States that the “deal” was based on a lie to start with,  – pulls out,  – offers Iran a better deal.  Speaks directly to Iranian people. One thing is clear, Trump isn’t basing our foreign policy on focus groups! Video:

The 2015 “Nuclear Deal” worked out by Kerry and Obama was a complete JOKE based on an absolute lie. If you regular RRB Readers never believed it – Bebe just proved your skepticism well-founded.  The Twelvers lied.   And Obama rewarded them with cash – $1.3 BILLION in CASH! Video below the fold:

Kerry and Obama about to grant VISA WAVERS to Iranians? At least that inept fool Jimmy Carter had enough honor to try getting our hostages back; – Kerry and Obama are leaving them there to rot…. Somewhere in Switzerland – huge fortunes are changing hands – and Kerry’s kids and Obama’s kids will live lives of […]

Senator Cruz may be the most direct, most plain-spoken man of this decade. Listen as he delineates Republican cowardice in the face of Obama’s illegal moves. Should this man be our next President?   Could we trust him?

Ted Cruz Wows Value Voter Summit

September 26th, 2015

He just won their straw poll – third year running!   For my money,  there is no candidate from either party who understands our Constitution to the depths that Ted does. He’ll run circles around Hillary, Sanders, Biden, or any MoonBat!