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The Obama Cartel Is INSANE!

September 2nd, 2015

Sheer MADNESS!   Democrat Senators have sold their souls,  – they’re taking political bribes to approve a deal which will guarantee the Twelvers get the BOMB, – which they WILL use on Israel and the USA! Watch now as Kerry’s staff submits him [or his whole team] for the Noble Peace Prize.   He’s earned the Nobel Prize […]

…Iran has ‘agreed’ to inspect themselves – vigorously I’m sure – to insure compliance with their secret Obama Deal. Is there a Nobel Prize for TREASON?  ANY Senator who votes for this deal is a traitor who has been bought!

What could possibly go wrong?  Let’s ask Muslim Obama and War Hero Kerry. Oil-thirsty China has been looking at Iran’s oil fields for over 20 years,  – may eventually build pipelines.  Meanwhile – to establish a foothold, – they’re swapping 24 multi-role fighters for a 20-year lease.  The balance of power over the Persian Gulf […]

Senator Charles Ellis Schumer is being HAMMERED!  Wealthy liberal Jews in business and Hollywood [who have never experienced fear or hardship] are pushing J Street to lobby for approval of the Kerry-Obama Sellout Treaty. In the most twisted turn of religion, politics and common sense,

“If this deal goes through, – the Obama Administration will become the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism…” Cruz – or Trump, – or BOTH, come 2017 we’re going to need a president serious about defending our country – and our civilization.

They knew all he wanted was a Peace Prize, – so they strung him along – posed for photo-ops, – all the while laughing their asses off. Obama is laughing too, – as is Hillary.  Are RRB readers the only ones who saw this coming? Iran and the NorKs – double bad news for the […]

Her feelings are hurt, – but he doesn’t need her anymore. She’s been ridden hard and put up wet.  Boehner is Obama’s new Legislation pal. Worse for Nancy, – The One doesn’t even need her Democratic minority house votes.  His treasonous Iran Nuclear Deal and his sell-out TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with China […]