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Crazy Bernie Leading In Iowa?

January 26th, 2020

Suddenly it looks like the Senate Impeachment Trial hasn’t been helping Slow Joe…  

On the same day his neurosurgeon attempts to vouch for him,  Joe is at it again – confusing facts, history, and his story line. Doctor Kassell, we have to ask:  “No change”?  If he was this bad 31 years ago,  – why did you bother to operate…?  The money…? video:

They came to see and listen – 25 long painful months after their presumptive “First Woman President” was soundly defeated….  They came in the faint hope that the Cherokee Squaw could fulfill their fondest dreams…. But the very first question Warren had to tap dance around was her recent failed DNA test.  She couldn’t even […]

No, we’re NOT making this up!   With the government in partial shutdown, – and the REAL Senators working over the weekend to find a compromise to fund our Border Wall,….Senator Squaw is out bar-hopping in Iowa  – looking for 2020 Caucus Votes…. So much for her promise to Massachusetts voters that she wasn’t running for President! […]

How sick is she,  and how long has she been…?  4 minutes of cringe-worthy video – raises the question of what’s really wrong with her.  Has a lifetime of lying finally caused throat cancer? Or, is this all an act?   Watch nearly the same coughing fit during her sworn House testimony back last October….

Seems he’s found a pretty good metaphor… How about freezing ALL immigration – for two years…?  You know,  – until we get all the Clinton and Kerry idiots and traitors out of our State Department….

A Scary Night In Iowa

November 14th, 2015

America’s three leading Socialist / Communists / liars try to convince American voters that we should become a European country…. Even though they’d agreed on the questions in advance – they clearly don’t like each other very much.  I think Bernie hates Hillary.  That’s a plus for him, – if he doesn’t fly away…    […]

ObamaCare Is Dying In Iowa

December 26th, 2014

Funny how MIT’s slick-talking Economic Huckster Jonathan Gruber didn’t predict this, – because we did… A small insurance company borne of ObamaCare – and funded by the government to the tune of $146,000,000.oo Tax Dollars – has just been taken over by the State of Iowa.  Seems CoOportunity Health only signed up 120,000 members across […]

A no-nonsense Army National Guard officer is running to replace retiring Iowa MoonBat Tom Harkin. I like her issues page

An [unearned] medal in Philly, steak fries in Iowa, Democrat hopefuls ready their pitch to be the one to follow Obama. Will they still blame George Bush? Brace yourself for a scary flashback: