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Once upon a time in far-away Chappaqua,  Global Warming Hillary Clinton lived happily – counting the big money rolling in from anti-Global Warming ExxonMobil.   B-I-G MONEY soothes all kinds of travesties… But then,…ExxonMobil wised up – and stopped paying into the Wicked Witch’s Political Slush Fund.  Now she wants them ‘investigated’.  Sort of reminds you of […]

What Died In The 5 AM Fire?

January 11th, 2011

I’ll risk being called a ghoul because this story just doesn’t smell right.  A beautiful blonde Washington lobbyist [married to a key White House staffer] heads off to a VERY important day of work at 4:30 AM, – starts backing her BMW out of the garage, – and suddenly there is a fire?   The fire […]

Chicago’s Metra Executive Director steps in front of one of  his own trains.  Why?  Maybe it was the investigation?