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Thanks a friggin’ lot Vermont  – for continually re-electing this crazy left-over 1960s hippie commie….to the point where millennials now take his ranting seriously. If he could win the Democratic nomination he’d probably like to chose kindred spirit – Senator Squaw [Lizzy Warren] as his running mate.  But if Hillary can avoid federal prosecution and […]

His foreign policy in shreds, – with Czar Putin eating his lunch on a daily basis – Obama the Wimp expresses anger at the NRA, Guns, and Gun Owners. He’ll let neither facts nor common sense stand between him and the Socialist Dream of a Disarmed America….

Our Very Very Angry pResident!

September 1st, 2014

Our National Disgrace went to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s state, – to the LaborFest in Madison, Wisconsin. Somehow the man who shows ZERO emotion over the death of a US Army General in Afghanistan, – a beheaded journalist in Syria, – or a US Marine held for months in a Mexican jail; – got himself […]