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The brains and courage to stand up to the establishment Nazis! 

Some things just should not be recycled – like used toilet paper or used liberal senators.  Just ask Scott Brown – who made history by failing to be re-elected in two (2) states. Now former Indiana governor and former 2-term US Senator Evan Bayh – turned DC lobbyist – has been recruited by desperate Democrats […]

Another RINO bites the dust as the Tea Party shows that it hasn’t been dormant, it was just working the opportunities. Yes, the days of the flamboyant Tea Parties are past us as we move into the new era of Tea Party activism. We’ve spent a lot of time learning politics over the past two […]

Bye Bye Senator Evan Bayh, (D)IN

February 15th, 2010

“Drove his Govt Chevy to Elkhart but the levy was dry” Another liberal Democrat senator says he’d hanging it up – won’t run for re-election this year! Evan Bayh was twice elected Governor of Indiana before being twice elected to the US Senate seat in 1999 – the same seat his daddy held for 18 […]