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The oblivious Americans (Democrats) and twitchy investors will have a hard time keeping up this week,  – between mourning Kobe Bryant,  – worrying about catching the Coronavirus,  – and wondering if Mitt Romney will stab Trump in the back – again. RRB is betting the only person who stays calm and focused will be our […]

Most folks are unaware that Senator John Barrasso is also a physician, – an orthopedic surgeon.  He evaluates things carefully before grasping a scalpel. Now is the time – with so many reasons displayed out in the open,  – for both Senate Democrats and lifelong Democrat voters to just walk away from the Party of […]

If you have the stomach, – here is the whole 2 hr 20 min video of Adam’s shit-show on the floor of the Senate as he wanders from the writings of Alexander Hamilton to conspiracy theories to Russian invaders… We are left to wonder if a mental evaluation of Schiff might be in order… video:

The so-called Senate Trial went late – until nearly 2 AM,  as Democrats attempted to add 11 Amendments to the Rules.  Each was defeated.  Slowly a new household name emerges. 2 short enjoyable videos: