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Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the scenario of Bryan Pagliano’s immunity deal,  – and why Hillary hears footsteps in the hallways. “…her legal woes are magnified!” He expects an indictment by mid-May….explains the process in a 4-minute video.

There isn’t a patriot I know who doesn’t relish the image of Hillary Clinton in handcuffs – going into a courtroom on trial for murder and/or treason. But even with rock-solid evidence – and willing eye-witnesses,  – can Hillary actually be brought before the Bar of Justice and made to pay for her sins and […]

What a headline to see on Christmas Eve….it might curdle Hillary’s porridge… I found some appropriate Christmas Music for Mrs. Clinton….

Is Hillary’s Life In Danger?

September 22nd, 2015

Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and 40+ others, – died to protect the Clinton Cartel.   Now is it Hillary’s turn to take a bullet for Obama? Her loyal army of graying dowager ‘we-want-a-woman’ followers never bothered to see or hear the truth. With October 22nd closing in,  and her poll numbers tanking,  do Soros and Obama […]

The young IT Specialist was blinded by false loyalty and the glamour of the Clinton Celebrity Circus when he installed a so-called “Private” server in Hillary’s Chappaqua home,  – while on the State Department clock… Now up to his eyeballs in the kind of filthy criminal enterprise that got Vince Foster and the Benghazi Four […]