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Yes, YOU Fed A Terrorist!

April 24th, 2013

Marathon Bombers had EBT Cards! Deval Patrick’s favorite agency – the Department of Transitional Assistance – had the Tsarnaev Family on EBT Cards – originally as refugees. PONDER: Their victims, – the dead and the wounded – all of us who work – PAID for these bastards to live comfortably, go to school, and plot […]

Who abused Eric Holder as a child? What else can possibly explain his hatred of white people and his bullying tactics. And to think – we once thought his former boss Janet Reno was out of control! Eric epitomizes the reasons why good citizens fear government. Just consider:

The illegal immigration battle shifts to Georgia. Mexicans and Latinos are mounting fierce opposition to the State’s new law – HB-87. Governor Nathan Deal signed it into law just a week ago in the face of court challenges, street protests, and boycotts. It takes effect on July 1st. The law is straightforward and tough. Like […]

Hector Maldonado is up against Missouri’s Democratic Family Empire.  In Missouri the Carnahan family is the equivalent of the Kennedy Clan here in Mass-a-one-shits.  

Watch this unmitigated PoS – who has “served” in Congress for 37 years mock his voters over the question of our open borders and the flow of illegal immigrants.  A little background:

Just 19 More Tuesdays

June 22nd, 2010

Hello Americans! Hard to believe in the muggy heat of this new Summer, – but there are just 19 more Tuesdays before we learn if we can correct our blunder and nudge our Young Republic back onto it’s Constitutional foundation, – or watch it destroy itself sliding further into the Soros-Pelosi-Obama brand of World Socialism. […]

Where Is Joe Biden? AWOL?

June 19th, 2010

Obama must think we all have short memories.  It was just a month into his pResidency when Obama stood before Congress and the American People and said “nobody messes with Joe”.   

Today Mexican President Felipe Calderon lectures and bitch-slaps America in our own Socialist-dominated Congress.  Listen as he accuses us of passing a race-based law.  Watch the second video [different camera angle] to see the Democrats [Socialists] rise to give him a standing ovation.   America,  in the eyes of the Third World, – you are now equal […]

 MoonBat Derangement Syndrome on public display:  this caller to the Michael Savage Show may have a new job soon – as Spokesperson for Obama’s MoonBat Base.  Funny – but very sad.  And these MoonBats vote!

Remember when Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”?   While he’s had you looking elsewhere, he’s really been doing it.